Friday, September 7, 2007

Visit All Fifty States Of America - California

After being taken, kicking and screaming out of Hawaii, even the lure of a limo to take us to our hotel in San Francisco didn't seem appealing. I loved Hawaii and didn't want to leave, so this city that was foggy and cold, just didn't seem to fit into our schedule somehow.

It took me most of the next day and a trip to Alcatraz for me to begin to settle into this strange city. People had said that it rates higher than New York, but personally I have to say I prefer the Big Apple. Alcatraz was amazing, though a little over crowded with tourists - if I ever go back I would definitely do the night tour, as I would imagine it gets really eerie once dark.
Over the next couple of days we spent our time visiting Fisherman's Wharf, watching the seals wrestle each other on Pier 39, riding the trams and general hanging around Union Square. We also did the standard tourist bus tour, which enabled us to go over the Golden Gate Bridge. Just the sight of the bridge was amazing (I rate it alongside seeing the Statue Of Liberty) and to also see many of the streets that hosted many an infamous car chase was surreal.
Only the climate seemed to let us down - part of the city tour was obscured by the fact that there was a heavy blanket of fog settling over the city. I think if San Francisco had been warmer, than I would have looked at it more favourably, but it's certainly a city that I would revisit at some point and I certainly would like to see more of California, so this may be Part 1 of the California trip, who knows.

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