Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Right Here Is Where You Start Paying In Sweat....

My work colleagues are having an abundance of being famous for 15 minutes scenarios.
Sarah is in the May edition of Marie Claire and has just spent the weekend in Regents Park with Nell McAndrew, getting her baps out for Cancer Research.
Emma is in the April edition of Rosemary Conleys Health & Fitness magazine in a three page spread.
Lee is being interviewed by Channel 4 for a parenting documentary.
I'm hoping for a Vogue photo shoot and a spot on Richard and Judy.
I think I will be waiting a long time....!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fundraising and Training - oh my!

I've entered week two of my training schedule for the Ben Nevis Mountain Challenge this week. I'd love to say it's been easy, but I would be lying somewhat if I did! I'm still a long way off what I need to be, to do the trek comfortably, but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day and I still have a few months yet! I've also been busy fundraising at work and have managed to raised £170 so far. My aim is to raise £500 and then I can get work to cash match it and hopefully raise £1000 in total. I've uploaded my fundraising page, so please, please, sponsor me, just press the link below and it couldn't be easier!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ben Nevis Mountain Challenge

I'm filling out the forms for my Ben Nevis mountain challenge, which I have chosen to do for my 'sponsored hike for charity' section on my list. I'm feeling a little meloncholy as I chose this challenge to help raise money for the Marie Curie Cancer Care, a charity which helped support my cousin in his last days, before he died of cancer in October 2007. The sad thing is that I never really knew my cousin as an adult. Like most families we saw alot of each other as children, but then drifted apart as we got older. I'm so determined to complete this for him, just to say thanks for the wonderful memories I have of us growing up together.