Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ben Nevis Mountain Challenge

I'm filling out the forms for my Ben Nevis mountain challenge, which I have chosen to do for my 'sponsored hike for charity' section on my list. I'm feeling a little meloncholy as I chose this challenge to help raise money for the Marie Curie Cancer Care, a charity which helped support my cousin in his last days, before he died of cancer in October 2007. The sad thing is that I never really knew my cousin as an adult. Like most families we saw alot of each other as children, but then drifted apart as we got older. I'm so determined to complete this for him, just to say thanks for the wonderful memories I have of us growing up together.


Christopher said...

Hi Janette,

hope you are well, heard you on Radio Nottingham the other day, like the idea of the 40 things before 40, i am rather closer than you at 39 and 4 months, and currently suffering from a disabling health condition but it got me thinking. A Ben Nevis challenge is something with my health disability that would be very hard but possible, my Mum is currently in the hospice, she has had 5 cancers in 5 years and twice we have almost lost her in the last month, she is very poorly and time is almost up, but she's a great mum. I will keep in touch and wish you well, i will come up with my own list and get moving if my own health will let me.
!! Chris

Janette Jones said...

Hi Chris, Nice to know that you picked up on the blog from the radio interview - wasn't sure how they were going to fit me in, between the conversation on Torvill and Dean and the radio presenter that died, but I think that it worked okay!! Sorry to hear about your Mum, but she sounds like a survivor, so I'm sure she will hang on in there. Why don't you try one of the smaller peaks before you do something like Ben Nevis and that might gauge whether or not you would be able to do it. Let me know once you have made your list - I would be interested to see what you would put on it!

Take Care J