Sunday, July 22, 2007

Watch A Foreign Film

I have a confession to make that may seem a little hard to take for some of you out there ......... I have never seen a foreign film. For a film buff like me, I admit it is a little strange, but for some reason, those sort of films have never appealed to me. I don't why they haven't, if the truth be told. Maybe it's because I always saw them as something oh so intellectual, or perhaps it's because I got very bored of trying to speak a foreign language at a young age (something I'm not very proud of and will attempt to rectify at some point in the future!). Then I did a night class earlier this year for Scriptwriting and it was full of discussions on films I had only read about and not actually watched. I decided there and then, that my life would be a pretty sad state of affairs if I didn't at least give one foreign film a go.

So off I went to the Broadway in Nottingham with my friend, Frenchy Phil (so called because his name is Phil and well he likes anything French) and the film he chose for us to watch, that was to become my first ever foreign film, was Paris Je T'aime. I didn't know alot about this film and as we settled down to watch it, Frenchy Phil confessed that he had seen it at least four times, which hopefully meant it was either very good or there was a serious amount of naked dancing girls involved. Thankfully it was the first.

What followed next, took my breath away. Eighteen short films, depicting a different metropolis of Paris, each celebrating the city of love in it's own unique way. Twenty different directors and a cast of celebrities, took me through an amazing array of Parisian streets, sights and sounds. For nearly 2 hours, I ate, slept and breathed the delights of this romantic city and it left me wanting more. So many short films in a small amount of time. On paper, it sounded immensely strange but it worked so well and the fact that a whole story was told in ten minutes dispelled my loathing of short stories. I came out of the film in awe of such a beautiful piece of cinematography and the fact that I've now fallen in love with this beautiful, romantic city, that I can't wait to experience it for myself.

What have I learnt from this? Possibly the old saying of 'never judge a book by it's cover'. I found Paris Je T'aime, to be humorous, sad and enlightening, sometimes all within just one story. The fact that I couldn't understand what the actors were saying for most of the time only added to the amusement of the film and yes there were subtitles but my eyes were glued to the picturesque views of this glorious city. If you've never seen a foreign film before, then I strongly recommend you go and experience one! Paris Je T'aime may certainly have been my first ever foreign film but I have a feeling that it definitely won't be my last!

Fly Over The Grand Canyon

It was silly o'clock in the morning, yet the people that we passed still mindlessly popping quarters into the slot machines, seemed to have been the same people that we passed on the way to bed the previous night. The air smelt of stale cigarettes and booze and I just hoped and prayed that getting up so early to catch a flight to the Grand Canyon was going to be worth it. As we travelled out of down town Vegas, the town still seemed as vibrant and busy as we had left it the previous night, talk about a city that never sleeps!

More hanging about at the airport prevailed (why are Americans never on time with anything??) Then the first 12 seater plane that we got in to had a fault on it, which didn't really instill you with any confidence that we were going to get to the Canyon in one piece (especially when the remaining passengers were all getting oh so nervous). So after yet another delay, we were put into another plane (at least I think it was a different plane??!!) and off we went. Now I have to confess, I'm not very good with heights, especially when I don't feel particularly safe, but thankfully the plane ride was a smooth one and once I had peeled my finger tips off from gripping the seat, I allowed myself to look out of the window. The views were breathtaking, there are no other words to describe them, other than that! To look down and see this magnificent wonder was just amazing! The only disappointment being that we were way too far to appreciate the impressive structure of the Hoover Dam, but just witnessing the Grand Canyon from the air was sufficient.

We landed at a small airport just outside of Eagle Rock and from there we caught a coach to the Skywalk. Having time on our hands before it opened, we surveyed the impressive scenery around us - it was just breathtaking! To actually walk right to the edge and look over the Grand Canyon was unbelievable. As for the Skywalk, well! After only managing to put a toe or two on the glass floor of the CN Tower at Toronto, I have to say that was nothing compared to this! Oh my goodness did I cling to the side! At one point we were looking 2000ft down to the Canyon - this did not feel natural at all and the fact you had to wear rubber booties to protect the glass did not help.

Then another bus ride, saw us stop at an Indian reservation and have brunch sitting by the Grand Canyon before we hopped on the plane back again. I have to say the plane journey was like no other I had experienced. I spent the whole flight with my finger nails glued to the seat and the thought of 'I'm too young to die'. My newly appointed husband rested a hand on my shoulder in a no doubt 'I'll protect you' sort of way. What he doesn't realise is that I was clinging onto his hand in a 'if I'm going down, you're coming with me' sort of way.
I was so pleased to get on solid ground again and the memories of the spectacular Grand Canyon will stay with me for a long time.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Own A Pair Of Jimmy Choo Shoes

There are certain things in life that are meant to be adored; my mum's chocolate cake, Daniel Craig in his oh so snug speedos and of course designer shoes. There is something about wearing the right kind of shoes that can not only transform a whole outfit, but can make you feel like a Princess in an instant. I can't remember the first time I heard of Jimmy Choo, but it must have been something to do with Sex and the City and the infamous Carrie Bradshaw. Looking at the beautiful shoes on a weekly basis got me slowly but surely hooked and wanting a pair of my very own.

If I were to invest in such shoes, I decided that they must indeed be for a very special occasion and as I'd spent the last eighteen months organising my wedding, which was, to say the least, a little stressful at times, I decided that I would look to invest in pair of Jimmy Choos on my honeymoon. Of course, such things as Jimmy Choo shoes can only be deemed as 'investments' and never as a purchase, they are too high in the order of adornment for that.

So there I stood in Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, looking longingly at the beautiful array of shoes before me. I had to pick a pair that I would use on a regular basis, that would be worth the amount that I was spending. There would be nothing too Princessey on this occasion, I'm afraid, as my budget would not allow it. Then I found them. A beautiful pair of black open toe, high heeled sandals, which had my name written all over them. As I tried them on, I now knew what Cinderella felt when she tried on the glass slipper. They fitted like a glove and they were the most exquisite pair of shoes I had ever set my eyes upon. I felt like a million dollars!

I held my breath for what seemed an eternity as the shop assistant wrapped them in endless amounts of tissue paper, before placing them within the Jimmy Choo cardboard shoe box and then in the ribbon adorned bag. It was at that precise moment, that my bank decided to put a temporary hold on my credit card. I didn't panic, in fact I was quite calm, although inside my heart was pumping ten to the dozen. There were several options open to me at this point; a) I could batter my big brown eyes at my husband and ask him to pay, b) I could hold off until the card cleared and hope and pray it was only a precautionary measure as my balance had been nil before my holiday. Well as my husband had just parted with his well earned cash on a Louis Vuitton handbag for me, I decided to sit and wait for the card to clear.
Why does time always seemed to stand still when you least want it too? It seemed like forever before the amount was cleared and then they were handed over to me and they were mine all mine and worth every single penny.