Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fly Over The Grand Canyon

It was silly o'clock in the morning, yet the people that we passed still mindlessly popping quarters into the slot machines, seemed to have been the same people that we passed on the way to bed the previous night. The air smelt of stale cigarettes and booze and I just hoped and prayed that getting up so early to catch a flight to the Grand Canyon was going to be worth it. As we travelled out of down town Vegas, the town still seemed as vibrant and busy as we had left it the previous night, talk about a city that never sleeps!

More hanging about at the airport prevailed (why are Americans never on time with anything??) Then the first 12 seater plane that we got in to had a fault on it, which didn't really instill you with any confidence that we were going to get to the Canyon in one piece (especially when the remaining passengers were all getting oh so nervous). So after yet another delay, we were put into another plane (at least I think it was a different plane??!!) and off we went. Now I have to confess, I'm not very good with heights, especially when I don't feel particularly safe, but thankfully the plane ride was a smooth one and once I had peeled my finger tips off from gripping the seat, I allowed myself to look out of the window. The views were breathtaking, there are no other words to describe them, other than that! To look down and see this magnificent wonder was just amazing! The only disappointment being that we were way too far to appreciate the impressive structure of the Hoover Dam, but just witnessing the Grand Canyon from the air was sufficient.

We landed at a small airport just outside of Eagle Rock and from there we caught a coach to the Skywalk. Having time on our hands before it opened, we surveyed the impressive scenery around us - it was just breathtaking! To actually walk right to the edge and look over the Grand Canyon was unbelievable. As for the Skywalk, well! After only managing to put a toe or two on the glass floor of the CN Tower at Toronto, I have to say that was nothing compared to this! Oh my goodness did I cling to the side! At one point we were looking 2000ft down to the Canyon - this did not feel natural at all and the fact you had to wear rubber booties to protect the glass did not help.

Then another bus ride, saw us stop at an Indian reservation and have brunch sitting by the Grand Canyon before we hopped on the plane back again. I have to say the plane journey was like no other I had experienced. I spent the whole flight with my finger nails glued to the seat and the thought of 'I'm too young to die'. My newly appointed husband rested a hand on my shoulder in a no doubt 'I'll protect you' sort of way. What he doesn't realise is that I was clinging onto his hand in a 'if I'm going down, you're coming with me' sort of way.
I was so pleased to get on solid ground again and the memories of the spectacular Grand Canyon will stay with me for a long time.

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