Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Own A Pair Of Jimmy Choo Shoes

There are certain things in life that are meant to be adored; my mum's chocolate cake, Daniel Craig in his oh so snug speedos and of course designer shoes. There is something about wearing the right kind of shoes that can not only transform a whole outfit, but can make you feel like a Princess in an instant. I can't remember the first time I heard of Jimmy Choo, but it must have been something to do with Sex and the City and the infamous Carrie Bradshaw. Looking at the beautiful shoes on a weekly basis got me slowly but surely hooked and wanting a pair of my very own.

If I were to invest in such shoes, I decided that they must indeed be for a very special occasion and as I'd spent the last eighteen months organising my wedding, which was, to say the least, a little stressful at times, I decided that I would look to invest in pair of Jimmy Choos on my honeymoon. Of course, such things as Jimmy Choo shoes can only be deemed as 'investments' and never as a purchase, they are too high in the order of adornment for that.

So there I stood in Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, looking longingly at the beautiful array of shoes before me. I had to pick a pair that I would use on a regular basis, that would be worth the amount that I was spending. There would be nothing too Princessey on this occasion, I'm afraid, as my budget would not allow it. Then I found them. A beautiful pair of black open toe, high heeled sandals, which had my name written all over them. As I tried them on, I now knew what Cinderella felt when she tried on the glass slipper. They fitted like a glove and they were the most exquisite pair of shoes I had ever set my eyes upon. I felt like a million dollars!

I held my breath for what seemed an eternity as the shop assistant wrapped them in endless amounts of tissue paper, before placing them within the Jimmy Choo cardboard shoe box and then in the ribbon adorned bag. It was at that precise moment, that my bank decided to put a temporary hold on my credit card. I didn't panic, in fact I was quite calm, although inside my heart was pumping ten to the dozen. There were several options open to me at this point; a) I could batter my big brown eyes at my husband and ask him to pay, b) I could hold off until the card cleared and hope and pray it was only a precautionary measure as my balance had been nil before my holiday. Well as my husband had just parted with his well earned cash on a Louis Vuitton handbag for me, I decided to sit and wait for the card to clear.
Why does time always seemed to stand still when you least want it too? It seemed like forever before the amount was cleared and then they were handed over to me and they were mine all mine and worth every single penny.

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