Thursday, May 17, 2007

Watch The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

I know, I know, I’ve neglected my blog just recently. In fact after starting with such a resounding bang, suffice to say, it has pittered out to a mere whimper! I will try honestly to update this on a more regular basis, but as I only have just a couple of days before I get married, time is getting very precious at the moment. Which leads me quite nicely onto the first completed task of my list – The Lord Of The Rings!

For some strange reason I had not bothered to see any of the trilogy at the cinema - probably because it was marketed as the equivalent to a bar of yorkie (i.e. not for girls!) and the fact that I had tried to read the book at the age of eleven and given up after the first couple of chapters, aided my decision to give it a miss. But just like a book, when I know from the opening page whether I will enjoy it or not, the opening scene began in the first of the trilogy and I was hooked.

What prevailed before me, within the next three hours, were a heady mix of fantasy, breathtaking scenery and a huge sense of why oh why had I not gone to see this on the big screen. I loved it! The cinematography was captivating, the fantasy mesmerizing and oh did I mention it also had Sean Bean (what more could a woman ask for?) The hobbits were unimaginable cute and the mix of humour/drama were equal in measure and entertainment. And the best thing of all was that I had a whole two more DVDs to watch in the series that would carry on this magical experience and after completion of those, suffice to say that they did not disappoint either.

The whole purpose of the trilogy is to show how one beautiful object (the ring) can affect the behaviour of individuals in its possession. Quite fitting, I thought, that I too am in the possession of a beautiful ring that strangely enough seems to have affected the behaviours of others around me. A friend that I have known for a few years has not spoken to me since I announced my engagement, fuelled by the fact that I now have something that she has always wanted. Strange that something can bring such happiness yet evoke such jealousy amongst people.

So my first task is over, on my list of 40 things to do. I had decided that there would be no order in how I do things, I would either randomly pick something or inevitably it would pick me and The Lord Of The Rings did the latter. Now to work out, which one I do next……

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