Sunday, December 13, 2009


Regular readers of my blog, will note that I'm struggling at the moment to get motivated and complete any new tasks this side of Christmas. Well, although new tasks may be out of the question, there are certain tasks that are ongoing at the moment, the BBC Top 100 reads, being one of them. I'm constantly trying to complete at least another book off the 100 reads, which can be quite tedious, especially when it's a book I don't particularly like. I'm currently reading The Magus by John Fowles, which in fairness is not as bad as some of the books I've had to complete in the past, but I think I've got into a rut and had a long list of equally boring books that has almost suffocated my love of reading and made me resent picking up a book.
It hasn't helped that I've kicked my exercise routine into touch at the moment. I used to spend at least half an hour a day on my exercise bike, complete with book in hand to help me through it and I'm struggling at the moment to find any other time of the day to read. But I'm trying to push myself through this bleak period and I have promised myself a rest after I've completed The Magus. One of my work colleagues has given me all the Twilight books to read and as I'm a huge fan of the films then I can't wait to get my paws on them as well as the other books that I've purchased along the way. So no better time than the present to get another book ticked off the list - I'm off to watch the X Factor Final complete with a copy of The Magus to read between breaks.


Anonymous said...

Hey hun, chin up you will get there.

Fabulous idea about reading whilst ont he exercise bike., I think I may try that whilst youngling plays as I have alot of baby-weight left to lose. Always the way, typically before the festive period of self indulgance.


Caroline said...

Whilst I admire your enthusiasm, why force yourself to read a whole bunch of books you don't want to read/haven't enjoyed/aren't going to enjoy? I don't get it? Sorry, not criticising you in any way, but genuinely don't understand the motivation. I LOVE reading, and always like to give a book a fair crack of the whip, but if I'm really not enjoying it by a third/halfway through, then I'm out of there. There're more books out there which I know I WILL enjoy than I'll ever be able to read in one lifetime, so why waste my time reading the ones I don't, is how I look at it.

Janette Jones said...

Kate - yes fab idea but just need to put it into practice a bit more!
Caroline - a couple of reasons that I'm still doing it - a) I don't let anything defeat me and b) occasionally the book list does throw up a gem that I wouldn't have normally read and as there are only 24 books left to read I don't think I can give up now!

Clover said...

Good luck getting through the rest! I give up on books far too easily myself, there are so many other great books out there! Great idea about reading while on the exercise bike, I think I'll start doing that as well!