Thursday, February 25, 2010

House Buying & Web Designing

Never underestimate that a simple house buying process may take over your life. So much so that every spare minute is taken up either replying to queries, filling out forms and answering phone calls. So much that when you are not doing these things, you are thinking about the next step, when should I start packing etc etc. Needless to say that my list has suffered because of this. I have so many tasks that are being planned but I just don’t have the time to complete. Playing chess, making a short film, reading BBC top 100 books to name but a few and gulp I have just under 2 years to finish my list, which is scary enough in it’s own right.

I’m also thinking about redesigning my website. I really need to start pushing my writing this year, but it’s kind of hard knowing what to put on my site, when I’ve not been published. I definitely need a presence there, but I’m not happy with what I’ve got at the moment.

I’m sure it will all come together pretty soon, but it would be nice for my next appearance on Radio Nottingham to say that I’ve actually completed a task instead of waffling around the fact. Wish me luck!


Phil Lowe said...

Don't over burden yourself with too much Janette. House moving can be exciting but quite knackering as well.

Dean said...

I know how you feel, We are just at the collecting surveys point at the moment, First time for us so it is daunting, Scary, Exciting and many other adjectives all at the same time and every time the phone rings from the agent my heart skips a beat.
Maybe i can get back to more photography after the move..and the decorating..and the gardening..and the ..oh dear :)

Janette Jones said...

Dean - ditto! So many jobs so little time! If you need any free advice, used to be an estate agent for 10 years and happy to oblige!