Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weird Week

Well it's been a funny old week. After completing another task by going surfing, I was on a natural high until the next day when I could hardly walk and wondered to myself just why exactly I chose to do a very active sport with my very inactive body.

On Tuesday, I very nearly thought I'd completed another task when I received a phone call from a TV company saying I was short listed to appear on their show but unfortunately I didn't get a call back so back to square one on that particular task.
Oh and I read, quite a bit actually. I've now completed Brave New World, a weird mix of 1984/Clockwork Orange. I didn't really get it, if I'm honest with you, it kind of lost me in the middle and the ending was weird (I hate it when that happens) but I think it's one that would benefit from another read at some point in the future.
Not sure what I will be doing next, I think I will just concentrate on getting the Top reads task completed, but if the funds allow it, I may just go to the next England match at Wembley next month.
Keep smiling :0)


Anonymous said...

Can anyone say Radox Bath fast enough for you! ;-) Have you tried Pilates for suppleness and fitness? Ever so good and relaxing too. Try Mauri Windsor.

I hate it when you cant get into a book and you get half way through and have to make the executive decision to either plug on or give up. Well done for finishing it! Am proud!

Take care
xx - always welcoming new followers, guests, and comments xx

Janette said...

Kate - there have been plenty of radox baths since last week!

Phil Lowe said...

skinny dipping must be the next challenge surely?

Janette said...

Ha ha! You don't know how close I've got to doing that one! Turning a bit cold though, may have to wait for the warmer weather!

bikerted said...

Seems like you missed the chance to complete two tasks at the same time JJ, surfing and skinny dipping together. Sounds like you had a great time.

Here's hoping for a positive outcome from your interview.

Janette said...

Ha ha yes I did think I should have got up early one morning and just done it - too crowded when I was surfing!