Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monday, Monday

Well, my radio appearance came and went faster than an English summer. I was on with Mark Dennison, whom I've never met before, but was very down to earth and quite funny. We were trying to decide what the twist was going to be on the X Factor. I decided that Sharon Osbourne was going to come back and then her and Danni would have a huge fight in the studio, but perhaps that should be on a pay per view channel?! We also managed to have a chat about the blog and I'm booked back in for November 5th.
I'm a little frustrated that I've not completed any more tasks at the moment. I've got a pile of books to read for the BBC Top 100 reads, but all of those are 600 pages +, so no quick wins there. I can't really see any more being completed at the moment, as I'm having to be a little careful with the old pennies - the job situation has not improved any. I'm praying for a miracle, I do hope you will join in...


Tim said...

I heard the twist was something to do with the judges having a wildcard entry each, which explains why a couple of really good singers were left out. So I guess it's part of a publicity stunt to get everyone talking about X Factor, which has obviously worked if it's true, and also maybe improve the ratings if they're up against shows like Strictly.

Janette said...

Mmm sounds intriguing! There are some really good singers this year, I'm really looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Ooh the XFactor plot thickens. lol

I think you can complete two on your list by November 5th.

1.skinny dipping (you want to get that in before it gets ridiculously cold)

2. Learn a foreign language. Well I can teach you a bit of Spanish and German that's free :-)

Every little helps :-)

Janette said...

Kate - I think it is definitely too cold now to attempt the skinny dipping session! Thanks for the offer of lessons - more likely to be Spanish as I think I will have the tendency to use that more!