Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feeling Rejected

I haven't felt entirely motivated in the last couple of weeks, which you have probably noticed with my lack of posting.
I'm struggling with the BBC 100 Reads at the moment, so I have no new tasks to report that are in progress, other than this.
In fact the only thing I have to report is the fact that I received my first letter of rejection from an Agent the other day. She feels that my work doesn't excite her enough to want to act for me. Oh well, it was to be expected, Rome wasn't built in a day and how many rejection letters did J K Rowling receive before she went to print? Hopefully I won't set a world record with that!


bikerted said...

No one gets anywhere without trying JJ. I think that trying to get an agent is like trying to find employment. You never know if the door is the right one unless you knock on it.

Good luck for the next one

Phil Lowe said...

You are now one step closer to finding the right agent JJ.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. I'm actually going through the same thing with a book that I have recently sent out. 2 rejections so far and I know that is nothing...I still feel like the whole world is saying, "Who ever told YOU that you can write????"

I've also been looking at how many times famous authors got rejected before getting published. I think you and I are not going to break any records on that front. THANK GOD!!!

Continued success!

Janette Jones said...

Bikerted - no-one can accuse me of not trying that's for sure!
Phil - I think it's the editing that will swing it for me!
Qraig - scary isn't it, letting the professionals look at your work. I will cross everything for you - best of luck!