Monday, September 28, 2009

The Write Way

Did you ever consider that sometimes in life you have to go backwards before you go forwards? My novel currently sits on my hard drive, feeling a little unloved after being rejected by two Agents and I kinda of figured that whilst I'm waiting for the motivation/inclination/time to submit it to further places, I shouldn't stop writing. After all, the more I can get my name out there, the more likely an Agent is to want to act for me. So whilst I was off work ill, I decided to tidy out the spare room, to keep my mind off feeling so ill (there is a logic there somewhere!) and I came across my writing box, crammed full of short stories, features and other writing related things, that I've done in the past. I had a quick look through some of the short stories I wrote and yes they definitely need work and my writing has hopefully improved since then, but there's a few possibilities there, that may just lead somewhere.
So my plan, whilst I decide what my next move is with the novel, is to get re writing these short stories and see if there is a place for them out there. After all there's nothing wrong in delving into your past, to help with your future.


B said...

Good on ya. Keep moving forward - and good luck!

Anonymous said...

I second that B. Like most tasks in life you have to start from somewhere, the bottom usually, and work your way up. Keep your chin up and use this opportunity to practice your craft. I know you will do well when you get your break. xx

Janette Jones said...

Thanks B - How's your writing coming along?

Kate - I will, life just gets in the way at times!

B said...

Ha, I was hoping you wouldn't ask that ;o) September I did basically nothing at all - let's hope October is more fruitful! :)