Sunday, November 29, 2009

High Flyer

Judging by the reaction I got from my friends when I posted a comment on Facebook, the next task that I've organised to do, may just provoke the same from yourselves. I've booked trapeze lessons! Not the most easiest thing to book on the Internet it has to be said. It took me a good hour of googling to find somewhere that was not based in London and didn't cost a small fortune to do. I eventually came across Yorkshire Dance, a company based in Leeds, approx. 1 hour car journey away from the land of the Nottingham and a very reasonable £18 for a 2 hour session. I don't go until March, which gives me plenty of time to get rid of the Christmas stomachs and get fit to do the session properly.
Which leaves me with the question ... now what else can I complete from now until March..?


trousers said...

My reaction isn't to think "are you crazy???"

It's certainly something different and novel, and why not? I'll be keen to find out how you get on, even if it's not for a short while yet :)

Inspired said...

So for now to March-
Start listening to your language every day. They say it takes at least 400 hours of being in a language to learn it (for Spanish etc) and over 1000 hours for Chinese.
Make it fun. Listen to music in the language. Get children's CDs that put the most important things in that language in songs.

Janette Jones said...

thanks T - my friends all think I'm nuts!
Inspired - thanks for the info I'd better start learning now!

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