Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Appearance - Another Challenge

Had another appearance on BBC Radio Nottingham this morning which went okay. I thought it was perhaps a little disjointed. For some reason when I've not been on for a while I don't think it flows as well as when I'm on more regular - I guess I just needed to practice more and the early starts don't help, especially when I've got used to not fully functioning until midday!
My next appearance will be on Monday July 26th and I've decided to set myself a little challenge. I've written down what I want to achieve by my next appearance, so I thought I'd share it with you as follows:-
1) Read 5 books from the BBC Top 100 Reads
2) Go or at least book surfing in Scarborough
3) Make a short film
4) Write to a well known cookery programme to see if I can cook with a celebrity chef
5) Investigate baseball (still haven't heard back from the Nottingham team, so I guess it may have disbanded)
6) Investigate skinny dipping (ooh la la!)
7) Start to learn French
I'm itching to get into the twenties with tasks completed, so I will report back over the next couple of weeks on how I get on!


KTV said...

there's lots of softball teams in Nottingham - like baseball but underarm pitching, mixed teams, the ball is not soft - have a look at the bsuk website or look into the east mids softball league

Janette Jones said...

Hi KTV, thanks for the tip, have set my heart on watching a baseball match but will look into this option!