Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It's been a little while since I published an update so I thought I'd prove that through my silence from blogging, I am actually getting on with tasks!
1) I've just finished my 84th book from the BBC Top 100 Reads (Terry Pratchett's Guards, Guards - which I actually quite enjoyed). I'm hoping that I should finish this task no later than August.
2) Chess - I still require a bit more practice on this before I officially sign it off as complete - hoping to complete this by the end of the month.
3) Get my own column in magazine/newspaper - I'm starting a book club at the local library, so I'm going to approach the local paper to see if they want to run a piece on the books that we cover each month.
4) Go to an international football match in the new Wembley - was going to book this and go prior to the World Cup starting, then I got made redundant and couldn't justify spending that amount of money. There are more fixtures planned for the end of the year, so hoping to go then (job permitting).
5) Rescue an animal from captivity - still no news on the animals that I've campaigned to release as yet.
6) Go surfing - hoping to go to the Scarborough surf club at some point this summer.
7) Go to a Baseball match - awaiting to hear back from a Baseball club based in Nottingham.
8) Make a short film - have to admit I've been incredibly lazy on this one and haven't got round to working out my camcorder and then booking some time with my friend to film him.
9) Cook with a celebrity chef - again been a bit of a lazy bones with this and haven't got round to promoting a sub-blog re this or writing to the said chef to go on his tv show - hoping to at least get round to doing this by the end of the month.
10) Skinny dipping - currently looking at options of outdoor swimming.
11) Learn a new language - I think once I've finished the Chess and Top 100 reads - this will be my next goal - hoping to complete this by Sept/Oct.
So, keeping incredibly busy at the moment and hoping to at least clear a few more tasks off my list pretty soon.

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