Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Prayer For Owen Meany - BBC Top 100 Reads

If I'd started to write this review half way through reading this, it would have been one of those posts where I bemoaned the fact that I struggled to comprehend the meaning of this novel. However, every now and again a book comes along that completely surprises me and turns out to be nothing like what I expected to be - A Prayer For Owen Meany is a definite slow burner, which I am so glad I stuck with.

The main narrative of the book is undertaken by John, a childhood friend of the very strange Owen Meany. In fact, Owen is declared so strange that the author types his conversation in capitals. Although there is a very loose story that never seems to go anyway, the author cleverly weaves us through key incidents in Owen's/John's life, dealing with death and prejudice along the way. A repetitive tale that follows them from childhood into adulthood all becomes apparent near the end of the novel and makes the conclusion complete. A wonderful book.


Jessica said...

Yay! I'm glad you liked it. As many John Irving novels as I've read, I forget that if he mentions it, its important. Your subconscious is wondering why he keeps bringing it up but you don't REALLY consider it important and then BAM! LOVE HIM!

Janette said...

Will certainly read some more of his novels - love how he drops a little bread crumb trail!