Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Saving Animals

Yesterday morning was spent mostly writing. I Joined Activate, a Born Free campaign group about a year ago and every 2 months I write letters to the Heads of countries where the designated animals are, hoping to get them released from captivity. It's an easy enough task. Born Free provide you with all the info and it only takes around 30 minutes to draft and write a letter to the relevant person.

So far I haven't had a reply from anyone, but I think this is quite normal. I've tried sending emails and snail mail but still nothing. I'm hoping that one day I will and even better that one of the animals I'm campaigning to be released is actually taken from a life of misery and cruelty and put back in it's natural environment.

Sadly the two bears still languish in a pit in Berlin, Lucy the elephant is still kept indoors in Toronto and 18 Dolphins are still confined to a training regime in the Philippines, all of these I've written letters to the relevant people in the hope that they will be released. Thankfully Tom and Misha, the two Dolphins rescued from Turkey are now in a deep sea pen in a peaceful marina - this happened quite quickly after we were sent details of the campaign, so I can't claim a helping hand in that one!

If you want to get involved, please visit -
Born Free, I'm sure a few more people putting some weight behind one of the campaigns will make all the difference and you never know I may just be able to cross another task off my list ( 15. Rescue an animal from captivity).


Jessica said...

I admire your persistence and work for something you care deeply about. I'm not like that and it always amazes me to see it in others.

Janette said...

I hate to see any animal or human mistreated so will definitely fight for what I believe in!

Things to Do said...

What a great cause. My mom would love this organization, I can't wait to pass it along to her. She focuses on the animal charities and I focus on the other ones!

Janette said...

Things To Do, I've just changed the link to the site as this explains better how you can sign up - I'm sure they would love another helping hand!

Anonymous said...

You really are a warm hearted person Janette, the worl needs more like minded people to back organisations such as this to get a great result at the end. I mentioned in passing to an RSPCA rep that I would write a piece about them, I think it's time I did!

Janette said...

Thanks Hun - just can't abide the thought of animals in captivity and yes do write the article, I'm sure it would be great!