Friday, August 8, 2008

End Of The Week

So, it's been a funny old week. No sooner had I finished my latest batch of recordings for Radio Nottingham and feeling rather happy with the results, then I found out that the girl who deals with me at the BBC had gone on holiday, so the tape is still sat here in my desk drawer, waiting to be processed.
I've been tired, tired and even more tired this week, so the book writing has gone a little astray. I would love to stay I have caught up this weekend, like I usually do, but I've had a weekend full of vintage shopping, bbq's, meeting film producers (as you randomly do on a day to day basis!) and feeling tired some more.
I hear David Tennant is shining as Hamlet at the moment over at the RSC. I'm not really envious of anyone that has a ticket to go and see him. After all, it's not as if that would be another task ticked off my list, not really envious at all (sulks in the corner....)
I managed to get the outstanding prop I needed for my You Tube task, so you never know, you may just see the end result in a week or so!
Until then.....

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