Friday, August 15, 2008

One Lazy Blogger!

Hello, has it really been a week since I last blogged? Oops! I'd love to tell you I've been busy doing one of the thirty tasks I have left on my list, but the truth is, I haven't really been doing much at all! I've barely touched my book, as work has taken most of my concentration powers at late and most of my writing has been in work reports, so writing when I get home has been the last thing I want to do. Now, I'm not going to be of those people that moans about never having time to write. If you want to write, you will find time to do it, no matter what (a bit like a 'Field of Dreams' scenario - if you build it they will come...!) but I certainly have to be in the right frame of mind to write and well, it just hasn't happened this week at all!
I have a few things on my list that I'm thinking of doing next. One of which is the You Tube film, of which I'm hoping to get at least one step nearer to completing this, at the weekend. Hopefully I can shake this strange mood I'm in and be able to tick a few more things off my list, fairly soon.


Getty72 said...

Well, a little rest now and again doesn't hurt anybody. Actually, as I write this comment I am sprawled out on my sofa floating in and out of! And yes, I know if I sleep now, I won't be able to sleep tonight. But sometimes you do just have to slow down to a complete stop.

So, let's raise our glasses to the memebers of the Procrastinators Club. Cheers Janette!!!!

Hope you have an equally lazy weekend and take care!

Warmest wishes ~ Graham x

Janette Jones said...

Funny enough, I read your comment, after coming out of a afternoon nap, so me thinks it's going to be a very lazy weekend indeed! I think I needed to recharge my batteries in preparation of trying to mark off another five tasks before the New Year! (well I can but try!)