Saturday, June 6, 2009


Oh dear, has it really been nearly a week since I last posted anything? I really don't know where time goes at the moment. Work is so hectic, I've been busy flying around trying to get all the presents I need for the many birthdays that are coming up this month and have just come back from a couple of days in Buxton. Not that I've not been thinking about my blog, or becoming strangely motivated in order to complete other tasks, you understand. I say strangely, because for one reason or another, I don't feel I've been as focused as I could have been this year and my list hasn't been as high on my list of priorities as it should have been. So I've made myself a mini challenge - I want to reach at least 20 completed tasks off my list at the end of this year, so that means I have to complete another 6 before the end of December.
A rough guesstimate of what they will be:-
1) Go to Wimbledon
2) Write a Dr Who script
3) Read all of the BBC Top 100 books
4) Direct a video to go on to You Tube
5) Learn to play Chess
6) Go Surfing
I will, as always, stay open minded about what I complete, as I may have the opportunity to complete other tasks in the next six months, that don't feature on the above list - I just need to complete six!
So, I guess there is no time like the present to start.....

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