Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blog Of The Week: Dave Gorman

My token 'celeb' blog that I follow. I first came across this guy via Flickr, the photography website. I had seen Dave, a couple of times on the TV, so I knew roughly what he did (mostly stand up), loved his photos and was intrigued to find out more. I was amazed to find out that this guy thrived on a challenge, whether it be to find people with the same name or travelling across America without using any named facilities. I was hooked.

Then I found the blog and this encapsulated the comedic values, the photography and the story behind the challenges. There are very few people that can write good humour, but this blog constantly keeps me entertained with his witticisms and his observations on every day life. Who in fact could make me laugh by posting a photo of a set of keys and simply calling it 'Some keys re-enacting an alien autopsy'
A well deserved blog of the week - read it here

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