Saturday, May 9, 2009

An Update

I've been out and about this week, catching up with friends, watching Wolverine at the flicks, so not had much chance to look at my list. However, I thought I'd update you on my next tasks coming up.
May - Balloon ride - if all goes to plan - last one was cancelled, due to bad weather.
June - Wimbledon - hubbie has agreed to come with me and we have centre court tickets for the first week of the championships
Which leaves a gaping hole really for me to begin a new task. Realistically, I can't see me doing what I wanted to achieve this year, due to financial restraints. However, I'm committed to completing all the tasks that are relatively cost free, which means learning Chess/learning a new language amongst other things and of course there's the book, but I feel I've been harping on about that too much just lately, so I promise I will get another new task in my sights pretty soon!

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