Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blog Of The Week: One Man's Travels

I first came across this blog, when I was 'linked' to it via the blog directory, blog catalog. I wasn't sure why, other than the fact, that it was deemed as a similar blog to mine, but I'm glad it did! Like myself, the author of this blog, Graham, decided one day to do something with his life, but instead of a list, Graham decided to explore the world.
One of the things that encourages me to continue reading a blog is inspiration. Reading Graham's adventures inspires me to begin my own. His blog skillfully guides us through his many adventures and his every day passions. From the Amazon rain forest to the Sinai desert, Graham's breathtaking photography and vivid text, make me envious of his travels and of his thirst for life.
When he's not travelling, Graham entices us to share his love of the outdoors, cooking and photography, with a monthly photography competition to encourage readers to share their interpretations of a chosen theme.
I doubt that you would ever become bored from reading this blog, there are so many points of interest that would appeal to everyone. Graham's next adventure is NYC, so be sure to drop by to read all about that, pretty soon!


Getty72 said...

awwww Janette, I am so deeply touched by your wonderful words. Thank you for bringing some sunshine to my day! I am truly humbled as I have always found your blog a true inspiration. I look forward to following you on your quest of achieving your amazing list of 40 things to do before you are 40 :o)

Janette Jones said...

My pleasure!