Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Helping Hand

I have a new friend to help me write my novel - Captain Jack Harkness and if I am lucky he may help me write my Dr Who script too.

Unfortunately my husband also thought I needed someone to help write my novel. So now I have two. I did take one Jack to work this morning, but after someone questioned why I had an action man on my desk, I thought he was best staying at home.

So now I have no excuse not to continue writing my novel......


DJ Kirkby said...

I am stuck at 5,000 on one of my novels. Like you I have too many writing projects wanting to get out at the same time! Good luck, I will come and visit and cheer for you occasionally. G'wan give me something to cheer about though, I don't want to be standing here on the comment page cheering like a loon over nothing!

Caroline said...

ha! we have the same rather lovely man watching us! He is a bit distracting and oh so bendy ... *sigh*

Janette Jones said...

DJ - Oh, but it will be so fun to see you cheering like a loon over nothing - but ok I promise to keep writing (nearly on 7000 words now!)

Caroline - did you know they are bringing out Torchwood figures this year - here's hoping that Captain Jack has his long coat on - I do so like him in that long coat - double sigh!!

Caroline said...

Oh let me know!
You have one with a hat, mine has a gun ... *swoon*

I need to get out more!