Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ian Beale & The What I Should Do Next Task.....

Strictly non 40 Things related, but I have to tell you the story of what happened to me, travelling back from London. We arrived back at St Pancras, complete with luggage, desperately trying to find the toilets, when my sister in a huge stage whisper says "look to your right there's Ian Beale." So I carried on walking and took a sneaky look. Then my sister continues "and there's Lucy and Steven Beale" and at that moment I turned round and saw a dirty great big camera pointing towards us - we'd walked into the middle of filming Eastenders. Panic stricken we rushed to the side. Thinking we were safe, we took a look around, only to find ourselves surrounded by a guy with a boom mike and another with a walkie talkie and everywhere we seemed to look, there was another crew member. So we did what any normal person would do, we shuffled across the wall, desperately trying to get out of shot, trying to act very natural and hoping that at some point, there wouldn't be an episode of Eastenders with two blonde girls, complete with luggage, looking very dodgy, sliding across a wall!

40 things related - I am now thinking of the next tasks in mind. Obviously I have the Ben Nevis climb on the 1st June, but after that, no fixed plan of what to do next. I quite fancy either driving the Ferrari or seeing the Shakespearean play. Better start saving now, I guess!

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