Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Look

You may have noticed that I have changed the blog around a bit. First, I've started writing a little more often and about the work behind achieving each task. Previously I just wrote whenever I had completed a task, which was all well and good when I was doing a few tasks close together, but then I tended to find that if I didn't do anything for a number of weeks, sometimes even months, there were huge gaps and any readers that I may have picked up along the way, would have surely grown bored and disappeared. I've also changed the template around and where as I'm not entirely 100% happy with this, anything is better than those stupid dots, that were doing my head in! In the coming weeks, I'm also planning a bit of a photo session, for a new header for the blog. All will be revealed shortly!


bikerted said...

Do we get a preview of the novel sometime? Good luck with the chess when you start to learn.


Janette Jones said...

Yes, you will definitely get a preview, when I feel a little more comfortable with how it's going. Not even looked at the chess at the moment, but hopefully going to very soon - thanks for the support!