Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Hats And My Lost Mojo

Well both of my Christmas parties have come and gone, the latter being only Friday, when I decided to treat my co-workers to glow stick bracelets and comedy hats which included, Smurf, Sailor and Pirate! Didn't really feel in the mood for this one at all - I kind of lost my mojo as entertainment consultant that night, so I let the party carry on around me and I was more than happy when I got home at midnight.

Now that Christmas is nearly upon us, it gives me chance to reflect on what's happened this year, blog wise.
I'm more than happy with my profile at Radio Nottingham at the moment, so the fact that it's increased this year was pretty great.
Task wise, well I could have achieved more, it has to be said. I lost my mojo on this one, a little bit in the year, but I have promised myself that 2009 will be the year to complete a dazzling array of tasks (watch this space!)
Organisational skills - well it has to be said that most of my tasks this year have been organised last minute and I've gone into them at a hundred miles an hour, I've promised myself that next year I will a) put more thought into the whole task process and b) not get so stressed in doing them!
And finally, getting to meet some wonderful people this year, has been a definite bonus. I met Caroline, Trousers and B at Caroline's book signing and hopefully I will be meeting Heather - my 40 things American counterpart in New York over the New Year.
So I'd like to wish all my readers a very Happy Christmas and I promise I will comment more on your blogs next year!


Caroline said...

I loved meeting you too honey. And my sheep poo bookmarks are my most favourite things. I hope we get to meet again soon. Have a fab Christmas and New Year with your lovely hub x

Janette Jones said...

Yeah for the sheep poo bookmarks! Will def have to meet again - I will save some glow stick bracelets especially for next time we meet!

trousers said...

Yes I was really glad to meet you, and I'm honoured by the mention here!

Merry Christmas to you too, hope you have a good one. x

Janette Jones said...

Hope you enjoy the Christmas festivities, Trousers - PS I still don't know your proper name....!

Willytheprince said...

I'm sad I won't be around for the NYE bash. You will have a wonderful time.

Here's to 2009!

Janette Jones said...

H - I hope so - although hubbie is a little dubious over how many people visit Times Square! I'm looking forward to 2009 and making some changes in my life!