Monday, December 8, 2008

Radio Nottingham And The Three Things That Went Wrong This Morning

Remember how I blogged about my superstitions over the number three, a little while back? Well this morning was a classic example of this. I had to be at the BBC studios for 7:30am ish, so I had to move faster than I usually do in a morning. Considering I usually move at a snails pace, then it wasn't too hard. So, I tripped up coming out of the shower, said a few choice words, went to get something from the bathroom cabinet, it promptly fell off the wall. Got ready, went to the car, threw some stuff in the boot and then banged my head on the boot. Not a great start to a Monday morning at all.
Thankfully the radio went okay. I had to sift through all this morning's newspapers and find three stories that I could talk about on air. I chose the X Factor one, with Diana going out etc, a deodorant that will slow down the growth of women's under arm hairs and the Irish pork story. I went into a few details about the stories, which I think made them more interesting and I liked the diversity of the ones that I chose. The presenter and producer seemed pleased with my contribution, so a happy bunch all round really!
Not sure when I will be on again, will probably be after I've come back from New York and they have mentioned possibly getting involved in some different programmes on the Radio, so I will keep you posted on that!

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