Sunday, December 7, 2008

The One Where I Deleted A Blog Post

You may have noticed I got rid of the dancing elves post. For some strange reason since I'd put the blog post on, Blogger wouldn't allow me to gain access of my main blog unless I created a new post. So I decided to delete the post, thinking that was the problem. It wasn't! I'm still having problems with it, in fact I can never seem to get my blog posts right. The paragraphs never work and always join up together. If I find the time, I really must get round to emailing them to sort it out.....

On the task front I've only managed to complete two out of the six, I set myself for November. I still need to direct a video, I only managed around 6,000 words this month and I didn't get round to sending a proposal to a TV company or listening to the breakfast show. Not very good, I know, but I blame Christmas - I've been too busy getting everything organised. On the positive side, I did manage to knock another three books off the BBC Top 100 list, so I did manage to do something!

This month - I've set myself a target of completing 10,000 words, reading 4 x books for the BBC top 100 reads and sending a proposal to a magazine for a possible column.

And right now, I'm watching my boys on ITV, thinking where on earth did those people get the tickets from for that show? I could have been on it, and fulfilling my snogging task!

PS I'm on the Radio again tomorrow doing the paper review. If you listen to Radio Nottingham from approx. 8:15am onwards, I will be on the Breakfast show.


Tami said...

I've been following your blog and have been inspired to start a new blog for women 40+. Check me out: Tami

Janette Jones said...

Thank for following - will be checking out your blog too!