Monday, January 19, 2009

One Lazy Person!

Like most people I made some New Year's Resolutions for 2009 and probably like most people I'd forgotten about them by January 2nd! I had promised myself that I would get motivated with my task list this year and I would love to tell you that I had, but other than writing my novel (now at 60,250 words, can I hear a whoop, whoop?!) I'm afraid I haven't touched a thing!
So, it's time for another list of things I need to achieve this year. I have a few ideas to start the ball rolling and perhaps another visit to Radio Nottingham would push me in the right direction. Mr M is away soon on another trip to Japan, so I'm going to use that time wisely and get motivated......honest!


Michelle said...

Well I definately think 60,000 words into a novel is something to be proud of!

Janette Jones said...

Oh thank you! It's just I wished I could get motivated in completing some tasks - I only have just under three years left!

Tabby said...

Well done on the novel.. what is it about?

Get going with your list there loads of inspiring things on there to do... for the hot air baloon flight I suggest getting one over the peaks. We did a ladybird champagne flight that started at matlock a few years ago.. not sure if they are still in operation but there will def be balloon flights round there.. beautiful! (that is i'm assuming you live in notts?)


Phil Lowe said...

Skinny dipping would be fun this time of year

Tami said...

i feel your pain!!!!! Yet, I see your novel as a very good beginning, don't be so hard on yourself!

Janette Jones said...

Tabby - the novel is about a young girl growing up with just her Dad and her love of football to keep her going. It also deals with the relationships she has with other men and how some aspects of those change her life forever. Re the balloon ride, I already have one booked but it got cancelled due to bad weather. It's on my list to rebook and it will be flying from Wollaton Park.

Frenchy Phil - you are very cheeky!

Tami - I'm forever hard on myself, I'm afraid that's my nature, I always wanted to do bigger and better things and get quite annoyed with myself that I'm unable to do them.