Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You Reds

Since the age of three, I've supported Nottingham Forest football club and during the late eighties and early nineties, I lived, ate and breathed them.
Although I haven't been to watch Forest for around six years, I have very fond memories of my time of visiting the City Ground and for some reason, no matter how hard I try, football always seems to follow me where ever I am.
Take today for instance. Smiffy, one of the girls at work, was saying that her husband was quite interested in getting a box at Forest. My ears pricked up. Although I'm not too bothered about going back to watching Forest on a regular basis, I have always, always, wanted to watch a match from one of the Executive boxes. Although the boxes don't come cheap (around £1200) they do seat 8 people, which when you share the cost is only about £150 each. At which point, somebody nearby in the office piped up that he wouldn't mind going as well. I think we have a plan. (I do so love it when I get close to completing another task!)
Today's funniest moment has to be the fact that mid afternoon, some of the people affected by the recent redundancies decided to do a chorus of 'If you're happy and you know it' in the canteen. Nothing to do with my 40 things list, but thought I would share it with you!


trousers said...

Marvellous! I think I've seen Forest play more than once, though the one I definitely remember was when they played Mansfield Town in a testimonial match sometime probably in the very early 80s, and gave us a drubbing to the tune of something like 7 - 1 (see, we managed to get a consolation goal though, at least if memory serves).

Met Cloughie a couple of times too, he came to our school, and brought the European cup with him. So although I haven't followed them closely in recent years, I think I'm always going to be fond of them too.

Tabby said...

I hope the people in your canteen were taking the p*** and not trying to cheer themselves up singing that?!

Good work on the box!

Janette Jones said...

Trousers - Dead Man Shoes, meeting Cloughie, you are but a very cool person indeed! I met the guy as well, unfortunately he was drunk all three times that I met him!

Tabby - Yes the people were def. taking the p***. I think they thought it was about time they started laughing about things, although I don't think the Directors will be too chuffed when they find out...!

bikerted said...

Was there Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life by Monty Python as an encore per chance?

Janette Jones said...

No, but I may just suggest that one!