Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cheese, Loud People and My Missing Mojo

It's been a little bit stressful round here for the past couple of weeks and I've really not felt in the mood to complete any new tasks off my list or even try and plan anything. So I decided this weekend, would be relatively calm and sedate, to get me into the mood to get things sorted. Saturday was spent in a film fest (documentary on Annie Leibovitz, Cabaret and Kinky Boots) and today we planned to go for a nice drive into the Peak District and lunch at a Michelin commended Gastro Pub. Brilliant I thought, it will be wonderfully relaxing and then I will feel in the mood to begin organising the tasks that I want to do.

When we eventually got to the Gastro Pub, after negotiating hair pin bends and single car track roads, we were seated or should I say squashed in a corner next to the loudest group of people you would ever wish to meet.

Quickly moving to a quieter corner, we ordered our food and attempted to begin a conversation, only to be interrupted by the waiter.

"Excuse Madam, we don't appear to have any goats cheese left, will Stilton suffice?"

"Yes that's fine"

We begin our conversation again.

"Excuse Madam, it now appears we don't have any Stilton left, would Brie suffice?"

"Yes, that's fine, but to be quite honest, I'm not too bothered what cheese you use" - hoping that he would now get the hint and thankfully he did.

Relax I told myself, enjoy time with your husband, sort out when we are going to do the balloon flight that got cancelled from last year. But to be quite honest, the moment had passed. What with the 'who could shout the loudest group in the corner' and the changing cheese saga, I was even more stressed then before.

So we paid the bill and journeyed home. Now I'm sat here, wondering why I've suddenly lost my mojo for doing my tasks. Perhaps I will find it with my copy of War and Peace...


Pablito said...

Oh dear - shame the plan did not quite work. Hope u find your mojo again!

bikerted said...

Remake of Python's cheese shop sketch springs to mind here.

Janette Jones said...

Paul - so do I!
Bikerted - Just watched in on You Tube and it was exactly like that!

Willytheprince said...

Hopefully the loud people were't American... :)

You'll find it. I'm in a bit of a funk myself and have decided to start the year over on Feb. 1.

Phil Lowe said...

Poor you and blessed are the cheese makers. I hate it when you go to relax somewhere and there are some loud tossers givin' it all.

Janette Jones said...

Heather - no you are safe, the offending people were very much English and like you I have decided to start this year all over again on Feb 1st!

Phil - was waiting for him to come and tell me they had cheddar, no edam, no parmaesan! I hate loud tossers as well!

Sue said...

Hey, I am sure you will get your mojo back!! You should book the hot air balloon asap and that should help you get your mojo back!! Once you feel that you are nearly accomplishing another task on your list you will want to do more.... hopefully!!

I only did up my list the other week. I have to yet mark one off my list but I will get there!

I'm going to do up a photo album of everything I do on my list... that should be fun when I'm getting my tattoo done.... the pain is sure to be evident in my face.

Anway best of luck getting your mojo back!!

Take care,Sue

Janette Jones said...

Sue - thank you for your kind support and wow you have a big list! I tried to leave you a comment on your blog but it wouldn't let me, don't know why???