Sunday, February 1, 2009


Remember how I told you, I had lost this baby(points to the left) and that I couldn't think for the life of me, where it could have gone, or where it could possibly be hiding? Well, I think I've resolved the mystery!
When I last took my books back, the Librarian was adamant that I hadn't returned this book, but as I was getting books out of my bag on the floor, the librarian was checking them through and then putting them in a container under the counter, so I hadn't got a clue what I'd returned and had to take her word for it.
It's bugged me ever since, I hate losing stuff and today I've gone online to order some more books off my Top 100 list and low and behold on the items outstanding, War and Peace has disappeared off there! So I did return it after all and I'm not going mad, well at least not yet!


trousers said...

Always nice to get something resolved like this, don't you just hate it when things bug you?

So, never having gone anywhere near War and Peace (well not the book anyway), is it all it's cracked up to be? Apologies if you've already posted to the effect of having read it.

Phil Lowe said...

lol. Glad its turned up.

Janette Jones said...

Trousers - whenever I lose anything it totally bugs me, now if only I could find my glow stick bracelets....
Phil - me too, saves paying the library for the privilege!