Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Creating My Film

There are several hundred reasons, why I haven't got round to my 'making a film to go onto You Tube' task - here is one of them:-

'Washdays' is a short film written by Graham Lester George and has just won the Soho Rushes Festival. Out of all the films we saw in the media week at the Broadway cinema, this was our favourite. So thought provoking that we were still discussing it, after we left the cinema and all the way home.
So you may now understand my hesitation. After all, I strive for perfection, so how can I just make any old film, even if the target audience is just You Tube and no where near Cannes, or even Soho?
If you do get chance to see this film, then please do. My film (whenever I make it) will be miles away from this one (RIP sock puppets).

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