Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby Steps

I think I spoke a little while back about how some of my tasks aren't as straight forward as they first appear and how sometimes I have to do a series of tasks within a task, just so I'm able to cross it off my list. I call it taking baby steps, each task being broken down into smaller sections in order to complete it. The BBC Top 100 is an obvious example - 100 things to do before I even get to strike my pen through that one. Another one that springs to mind is one of my new revised tasks 'rescue an animal from captivity'. No, I haven't got a clue how you rescue an animal from captivity either, but I gathered that 'Born Free' might, so I've joined their 'Activate' campaign , which means I get to write to some pretty important people to express concern over the welfare of wild animals within their country. Some campaigns are connected to the release of animals back into the wild, so I'm optimistic that my little steps, may just influence the release of an animal within captivity in the near future.


Anonymous said...

I am very proud of you. Your work and support is comendable.

Thanks for your comments. Good luck with your entry also. I am no where near finishing my to do list yet. But I have heard back from an agent so fingers crossed with that liason.

Best Wishes xx

Janette Jones said...

Kate - thanks for all your support as well and ooh tell me more about the agent...