Friday, October 9, 2009


Although it's been out for ages, I finally got round to see Julie & Julia at the cinema last night. The film tells the true story of Julie Powell, who decided to cook her way through a french cookbook and record her story via a blog. Sounds familiar? Well it turns out we had more in common than I first thought. Julie turned to a challenge when she was feeling un fulfilled with her life and like me she was determined to record every step of her challenge and do it properly and not cheat, a girl after my own heart. One element that I loved about the film was where she hadn't got a clue if any one ever read her blog, besides her Mother, but it didn't bother her, as she just wrote the blog to record her achievements and disasters in the kitchen!
Without giving too much away, Julie eventually gains a book deal on the basis of her blog and unfortunately that's where the similarities ends. I'm not sure if the film works doing the whole split story thing, but it was good to see a blogger played in such a favourable light. Anyway, who knows, perhaps one day I'll get my own film too!


Phil Lowe said...

Sob, sob. You didn't take me with you! Maybe I was acting away on the stage when you went. Did you like Ms Streep's performance and how did you as a veggie cope with all the meat on display?

Janette Jones said...

It was Friday night, so you would have busy straightening your kipper tie! Mmm there was a lot of meat, but what I found more disgusting was the amount of butter that went into everything - pass me the Flora!