Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Large Slice Of Humble Pie

I made yet another radio appearance this morning, which was fab and went well. I really like Andy Whitaker as he always makes me feel relaxed whenever I go on his show and he's lovely and friendly. I updated the listeners on my blog and discussed what I was about to do next (a short film in case you wondered) and then ran through the paper review.
However, just before I went in, there was a rep from a Children's charity and also a young girl who spoke of her neglect, growing up with her parents. Anything to do with harming children or animals and I'm a complete wuss, I start to fill up and the girl's story of how she used to cook and care for her younger siblings from the age of 6, was truly heart rendering.
Talking about my oh so unimportant list straight after that made me feel very humble indeed and brought everything back into context. I don't think I've mentioned on this blog but I volunteered to be a mentor for teenagers in need and I was feeling a little disheartened that I'd not heard anything, so much so I nearly asked the guy from the children's charity if they ran a similar scheme that I could apply for. Tonight I went home after work and opened my emails and there in my inbox was an email from the charity apologising in the delay of getting back to me and how my email to them was inspirational. I guess today was a good omen after all.


Amitabh said...

A good omen indeed! Not sure if you follow or believe in the laws of attraction, but it surely works - at least sometimes.
By the way, coming this way after quite a while. Good progress on your list.

Janette Jones said...

Thanks Amitabh!

Anonymous said...

The world works in mysterious ways doesnt it?!

Saw some links and thought of you. Check out: http://www.callytaylor.co.uk/index.html and go to the competitions section. I think you would do well from it.

Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks for all your support.

Janette Jones said...

Kate - bummer I was going to send that link to you! I've already typed up a story from a creative writing class that I did a few years ago. Just got to play around with it a bit and then will send it off. Thanks for thinking of me!