Sunday, October 25, 2009

Me & James

I have a confession to make, one that my husband won't be too pleased about. I have a secret crush. Not just any old crush you understand but one that's been there for a few years now, growing in strength, sometimes also dipping, but quite strong at this present moment in time. It's James Martin the celebrity chef. I have to admit I like to indulge whenever I can. There's the cook books, a couple of appearances at the Good Food show, Saturday morning kitchen (of course) and also his column in the Sunday Mail. There's just some thing about this straight talking Yorkshire man with the cheeky smile that I find hard to resist.
Now when I first put my list together nearly two and half years ago, I wasn't aware of the great man. The only chef that seemed to be at the top of everyone's list was Mr Ramsey. I have to say that I'm not a great fan of Mr Ramsey's at late. There's the consistent foul language, which has become too over powering and of course the headlines, which if you are made to believe are that things are not too rosy in the house of Ramsey. Needless to say, he is still one of the top chefs, for that you cannot take it away from him.
Now if Gordon were to offer me a few cookery lessons I definitely wouldn't say no, but since the emergence of James then I've decided to amend one of my tasks to 'cook with a celebrity chef', which will give me the chance to either cook with Gordon or James, should the opportunity arise.
I'm off now to buy a copy of the Sunday Mail and to write a letter to Saturday Kitchen, explaining why I would like to appear at the Chef's table - talk about stating the obvious! Have fun what ever you choose to do this Sunday!


Anonymous said...

I was laughing out loud at this post Janett. How funny. I also have little crushes but mine are a bit more strange. Take Max from eastenders. Why? Who knows, but yes I have had many a dream with him in it. Maybe I need to change what I watch on TV for the moment.

Enjoy your sunday. Let me know how your getting on with your short stories. I am struggling so going to see an inspirational friend today.

Am spreading the word for people to sign up to your blog also. Hope you can do the same for mine - thanks for adding the link.

Best wishes

Janette Jones said...

The funniest thing is for ages I didn't admit it and used to pretend I was just into the cooking aspect of Saturday kitchen! Now it's out in the open Mr M is thinking that I'm going to run off with him!