Monday, August 16, 2010

Friday Radio

Well Friday 13th came and went without too much mishap. I was on the radio again for the paper review and a quick chat about my blog. I'm not sure if I've ever done this before (apologies if I have!) but thought I would just run through what happens when I go to the BBC Studios, if anyone is interested out there of course.
7.15am Arrive at the BBC Studios in Nottingham, sign in at the security desk and then make my way upstairs.
7:15am-8am Sit down in the waiting area with all the days papers and try and pick 4 stories that I feel are interesting and worth discussing. Any that I do feel are worth mentioning, I will jot down the details in a notebook as well as a few notes on my views on the story (hate hearing the newspapers rustle on air, so never take the actual newspapers in with me!)
8am-8:20am - The producer will come out to discuss what stories I've chosen - asked me on this occasion to drop one of them as it was discussed at length yesterday. Also chatted about being available for other radio shows, should they need me.
8:20-8:30am Taken in to the studio and head for the far desk, make sure I'm positioned correctly in front of the mike and then wait for the introduction from the presenter. You have to be flexible in terms of how long you discuss the papers for, as depending on what's happening news wise in the area, is dependant on your time slot. Most times I usually get chance to have a quick chat about my blog as well, so I always jot down a few updates before I go in, just in case I go blank when he asks me!
8:30am All over! I then get booked in for my next appearance - 3rd September, just in case you are interested!
Very occasionally you see the odd famous person around the studio. When I came out there was a girl sitting in the waiting area, who I later found out played 'Smell' in This is England - looking nothing like her character but as I drove away and listened to the radio, sounding exactly the same as she did in the film!


Tim said...

Who's the most famous person you've seen there? Infact, who's the most famous person you've ever met anywhere?

The most famous person I've met was probably Derrick Evans aka Mr Motivator and yes he was in his bright coloured lycra outfit haha. I also went to school with Craig David but he wasn't famous at the time and was really fat.

Janette Jones said...

I see Des Coleman on a regular basis who used to be in Eastenders and is now our local weather presenter and I've also met Scor-zay-zee who was in the last Shane Meadows film. My interpretation of famous people is the people that I admire - I've met Jodi Picoult, Shane Meadows, Paddy Considine, Brian Clough, Roy Keane, so not every ones cup of tea but I was quite chuffed to meet them! Can't quite believe Craig David was ever fat, he's quite buff now!