Monday, August 9, 2010

Half Way There

Well, I've now completed 20 out of my 40 tasks, so I'm half way there, with just over a year left. Of course I would have liked to have been here a lot sooner, but hey, what can I say, sometimes life takes over and time passes you by quicker than you think. Of course the fact that I've got a lot more time on my hands these days helps immensely and I'm taking full advantage of the fact that I have, by trying to organise as many tasks as I can. My time off has also given me ample opportunity to think about my tasks as a whole. Unfortunately opportunities don't come to you handed on a plate, you have to go out and seize them and that's what I intend to do with the rest of my outstanding tasks - I'm going to get out there and instigate and grab every opportunity I can to complete the remainder 20.
My working list for last week, was nearly all completed bar the skinny dipping trip, which didn't come off due to some unexpected visitors on Saturday, but apart from that I completed all my goals for last week. Goals for this week are as follows:-
1) Read A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth
2) Send an article proposal to vege/weight magazines
3) Book surfing
4) Plan which England match I will be attending
I'm also on BBC Radio Nottingham (again!) on Friday 13th August around 8:30am - a busy week ahead!


Anonymous said...

Oh how similar you and I are. I have often found that 'life' can get in the way of completed my to-do lists. I'm not really procrastinating at all, it's just that I honestly needed a rest in front of the telly with a cuppa and a packet (yes I said packet) of biscuits, instead of completing that chapter or cleaning the oven.

Good luck for this weeks tasks. You have inspired me to look over and crack on with my lists. After a cuppa and a digestive of course ;-)

Janette Jones said...

Ha, ha, save a few biccies for me!

Phil Lowe said...

You're doing great and sorry I missed your friday session on Radio Nottingham. Hope that it went well.

Janette Jones said...

Thanks Phil and don't worry about it, I'm on again on September 3rd!