Monday, August 23, 2010

Katherine by Anya Seton - BBC Top 100 Reads 89/100

Katherine is a historical novel based on the life of Katherine Swynford and John of Gaunt. I don't do historical novels as a rule. I find that they are usually too full of references to the past that it some how detracts from the story in hand. I did find elements of this novel interesting and it did compel me to continue reading it, but half way through I became too over loaded with the historical references and notes to the past, that it made the text harder to digest. It is a stereotypical story in the sense that woman is betrothed to someone she doesn't love but falls for someone who is unobtainable. They eventually get the chance to ignite their love when circumstances allow them to be together and the rest of the story is their struggle to remain lovers whilst remaining within the boundaries set by their society.
I don't feel that this has changed my opinion of historical novels at all and unless you enjoy historical novels, then I certainly wouldn't recommend it.


Anonymous said...

Honestly I'm sure you read a book a day. Where do you find the time? Spare some for me? lol


Janette Jones said...

Ha, ha, wish I could! I read very fast and tend to read whilst I'm on my exercise bike in the morning or waiting for hubbie to get home from work, so maybe 1-2 hrs a day!

Phil Lowe said...

I too get bored if bogged down in too much 'history' for the sake of it. It's like the author is trying to force their knowledge on you as opposed to it being an integral part of the story and flow.

Janette said...

I'm not a great historian either, Phil, which I think helps if you read these type of books!