Thursday, October 23, 2008

I 'Heart' Learning

I've learnt a new trick at work. It's called scanning. Yes, I know it's been around for a while, but I hadn't got a clue how to operate the machines at work - it's a bit too high tech for me! So my scanning pile has grew and grew and has possibly sat in my in tray for around a year ish. So I thought it was about time I learnt how to do it. I had a little bit of coaching and then I was let loose on my own without a chaperone, in charge of heavy machinery. Oh dear, it could have been a disaster, but thankfully I survived! When I learn a new task, I have to learn everything, so I can now scan, scan duplex documents and send the file back to my e-mail address as one document. Impressed? I certainly was!
So I thought I'd be ultra brave and try out something else new - the on-line ordering system for the library, for my BBC Top 100 Read List. I love it! I can order books off my list, see where they are located in Nottinghamshire and reserve them at any chosen library. The library will then ring me, when they are available. I've currently got four books on order, but I'm tempted to bung another four on, just in case it takes a while for them to come through (nothing to do with the fact that I love playing on the system of course!)
So I'm off for a lie down now, all this new learning is exhausting.
PS I've now finished Bleak House and have begun War and Peace - I love it!

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