Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An Update

They're dropping like flies at the moment at work, so I'm crossing everything that I don't catch the various stomach upsets/man flu that's going around. It does mean that there is a little less of an atmosphere there at the moment and hopefully this is the sign that things will settle down.
My list, as always, has been my saviour and it's what I turn to, when things are a little rough. I've nearly finished Bleak House, which is one of the BBC Top 100 reads - all 800 pages of it, which unfortunately is soon to be replaced by War and Peace - all 1444 pages! My novel, I keep chipping away at and I'm nearly at my target of 50,000 words for this month. I haven't bothered doing anything re New York, for obvious reasons. We still don't know if we will be able to go or not and hopefully should hear by the end of this month.
I should be completing two more tasks in November - the You Tube one and seeing a play at the RSC. I am trying to be a little more organised in sorting out when I do stuff. Although I may get the opportunity to complete tasks that are not planned, I'm finding it helps, if I at least have some idea when I'm likely to complete it - it also helps to know these things when I'm planning the radio appearances.
So, I'm off to try and write some more of my novel and finish off the night by reading Bleak House - can't wait to complete this task now so I can read some other books!

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