Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Will Survive

Well, you will be pleased to know that the radio interview went well and even though I bumbled a little, it still sounded quite good, even if I do say so myself, on the playback! Husband has recorded it for me, so as soon as we can figure out how to put it onto the blog, then we will load it up. Andy Whittaker, the Radio Nottingham radio presenter, is doing 50 things before he is 50, but only has 12 on his list so far, so he's asking listeners to give him ideas on what should go on his list. I've recommended driving a Ferrari, as he looked a little worried when I mentioned that I'd climbed Ben Nevis. I wish him luck anyway and it will be interesting to see the list progress!

The day after that, went in a bit of a blur. We had a big Children In Need campaign running through the day, which included someone getting their head shaved, men dressing in women's clothing(!?) and a big raffle, where I won lot number 140:-

Well with '40' in the number, it had to be mine, didn't it!

I also had my business cards come through from I thought they may be quite handy to have, as whenever anyone asks about my blog, I can at least give them some thing that will point them to my site

I've also discovered this website, which made me laugh until I cried yesterday - my particular favourites are the Bernie Clifton tribute act and the tampons one!

So, into the weekend now and my goals for this weekend are to read more of War and Peace (I'm on page 920!), write some more of my novel and start to put together the You Tube video. Whatever you choose to do this weekend, hope you have fun!

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