Thursday, November 13, 2008


Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the Radio, I will be on the morning show for BBC Radio Nottingham tomorrow around 8am ish! I will be chatting to Andy Whittaker about why I started to write the blog and also what tasks I've got coming up. Hope I don't sound like I smoke sixty fags a day, as I've had a bad cold all week!


Getty72 said...

Wow!!!! I hope the radio gig went well. I'm gutted that I don't get Radio Nottingham down here. If there is a web link to the show, then please mail it to me. I'd love to listen to it.

Hope you are well and wish you a truly wonderful weekend xxxx

ps. Thanks for your kind message the other day, I really appreciated it :)

Janette Jones said...

G - if you go onto the radio nottingham website then you should be able to tune in - I'm on again on December 8th doing a paper review around 8:20 ish. However, hubbie has managed to tape yesterday's show, so as soon as we can figure out how to put it on the blog, then I will post it. Actually, how did you get the audio on yours?

PS have a great weekend yourself and no probs about the message - just get a little concerned when I don't hear from my blogging friends for a while!