Sunday, March 22, 2009

Facing My Demons

I used to be a really, really, big football fan. In fact there was a period in my life, when I ate, slept and breathed the beautiful game and nothing else in life existed. So, it came as no surprise really, that my first book was based on that period in my life and that reminiscing brought back so many memories. No more so, than the 1991 FA Cup Final. This period was at the pinnacle of my adoration, but also signified the decline in my love for the game.
I can remember the build up like it was yesterday. The fact that we have to play nearly every match twice to reach the Final. The fact that Stuart Pearce scored for us, with a fantastic free kick, that I saw from the other side of the pitch, where I was standing on my seat for a better view. I remember crying from the second half onwards, knowing that we were slowing being pushed out of the game and then when the final whistle blew, I cried some more, knowing that we would never get the chance to get there again.
Although it was a couple of seasons after that, that I stopped going to matches, I never felt the same after that match, so watching the dvd on Friday, brought back a whole host of memories, including remember the sort of person I was, eighteen years ago. It also gave me chance to check the accuracy of the chapters I'd written.
I wasn't looking forward to watching the match, fearful that it would evoke all those emotions that I'd kept hidden for such a long time. I'm glad I did though. Perhaps the Forest team of today, could do with watching it, may just give them tips on how to play the beautiful game as it should be played. I, in the meantime, I'm off to add some more detail to my chapters and reminisce somewhere.


Tabby said...

Up the Rams! ;o)

Janette Jones said...

Oh dear god, a sheep supporter!