Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Dance Class Part 5

Can you believe that I've been at it for five weeks now? No, neither can I. Of course I am referring to my tango lessons! I was a little wary of going this week due to the fact that I'd missed a week and that I would be completely lost, but fear not, they don't appear to have learnt a lot more to the routine, so I managed to cope fairly well.
We've now learnt four different bits to the tango, that we put all together and well, I was alright with the beginning and the end, just the middle bits that I'd completely forgotten by the time, it came to dancing it!
Mr Olympic champion appears to have his favourite dancer and stuck with her all night. I was left, very much like the fat kid in gym class, waiting for someone, anyone to dance with me, but thankfully the only person left was the dance instructor and that meant I got one-two-one lessons all class!
Next week will be my last week and therefore, hopefully, another task will be crossed off the list!

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