Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lesson No. 2

I know, I know, it's taken me nearly a week to blog again! Even though, I finished 'the book' on Sunday, I've been busy reading 'The Secret History' at every available opportunity, due to the fact the Library wanted it back by today. That's finished now, so hopefully no more deadlines to meet this week and plenty of time to blog....hopefully!

My second dance lesson was on Thursday and the guy that warms up like an Olympic champion is seriously freaking me out. When we partner up, he homes in on the 'spare' ladies. I'm sure he's only trying to help, but he makes me feel very uncomfortable and the only way I can avoid him seems to be, by looking down at my feet and not making eye contact, or alternatively pushing my friend H forward, which seemed to work quite nicely this week!

We have learnt three sections of the Tango now. All of which I can do and I even got a thumbs up from the instructor this week, who I don't mind partnering in the least! However, it does appear that I'm not at one with the Samba and I struggled to get the moves correct. I just don't seem to get the wriggle right. According to H, it's all in the bounce, but I don't think that I'm destined to do Latin and will stick with the ballroom, it's probably safer!

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