Saturday, March 14, 2009

It All Came Together....

Do you know those moments in life, when something clicks and everything just appears to slot into place quite nicely? I had one of those moments at dance class on Thursday night.
We began with the Samba for a change. Not a fan of the old Latin type dance, prefer the ballroom personally and couldn't get to grips with this one, last week at all. Not so this week. I got the whole rhythm and even managed to get the whole change over pattern (ish!). As for the Tango well, I heart the Tango. The Tango is my new best friend and apart from the odd wrong head movement, I get the whole dance sequence so far that we've learnt. I love the dramatic feel of the Tango and the way it makes you feel whenever you dance the steps.
I've even, gulp, made friends with the guy who warms up like an Olympic champion and had a couple of dances with him. So all is well in the land of the dance and I'm looking forward to my fourth lesson next week.

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Michelle said...

Well done! I'd really love to take a dance class. It calls to me somehow. But my husband wouldn't dream of doing it with me :(